Sheet Masks - What's the deal?

by Grace Reed on Mar 26, 2017

Sheet Masks - What's the deal?

The ultimate Lazy-Girl Facial that you are seeing everywhere right now!

Sheet Masks are a huge skin care trend that do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. But what's the deal? Do they work? If so how?

Sheet Masks are pre-soaked fabric, cut into the shape of a mask that you can use instead of the traditional style masks. The purpose of the fabric is to hold the product on your skin for longer without drying out. The are SUPER convenient, less messy and so easy for traveling with (especially on flights where your skin tends to dry out). The best part is they deliver concentrated product deep into the skin, the fabric on-top increases penetration into the skin.

Sheet masks are a MUST for Hydration and cleaning, not so much for treating problem skin. 

They are best used after cleansing and toning. Apply for recommended time and simply throw in the bin when done. Make sure to use any leftover serums by rubbing and patting them into your skin (that's where the good stuff is).

The most Instagram worthy Sheet Masks at the moment are Double Dare Spa OMG! Masks:


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