Guest Post: The Steps in Korean Skincare - By Shauna Cribben

Guest Post: The Steps in Korean Skincare - By Shauna Cribben

by Grace Reed on May 26, 2017

Women (and men!) from the east are known for having flawless skin and investing a lot of time and patience into their skincare routines. In the past number of years we have seen the rise of Korean /Asian skin care becoming more and more popular in the Western World. With the likes of sheet masks and konjac sponges now widely available. I am going to talk you through the other steps in skincare that are popular in the Eastern world. 

What is mainly popular in the Western World was generally cleanse, tone and moisturise. In recent years we have seen the introduction of the likes of serums, acids, face masks etc becoming staple steps of a skincare routine. With the Western world usually having between 4-5 steps Korean skincare can go to a whopping 8-10 steps morning and night! 


1. Wash face with just water to rid the skin of dirt and oil from sleeping.

2. Follow with toner. Toners are different to what we are used to. They are not drying instead they are made to hydrate the skin to fully absorb the other steps you follow with.

3. This step is a very important part of Korean skincare. It is called Essence. They contain active ingredients that basically optimise your skin cells regeneration rate. It more than likely will come in a glass bottle and be very liquidy. Many people recommend to transfer to a spray bottle and spray directly onto face and pat in.

4. Next up is Ampoule. These are quite similar to serums. However you are only supposed to include this in your skincare routine to target a specific complaint or to use as a booster. They are usually smaller bottles than serums as it is a higher concentration of ingredients which you use for a period of time. 

5. Serums are becoming more and more popular over here so this one should not be new to you. Serums are pretty similar to essence however they are usually much more thicker in consistency compared to essence. They are usually used for targeting major skin issues. 

6. It is said from roughly 25 onwards you should start using eye cream and Korean skincare is no different. This is simply a cream targeted specifically for around the thin, sensitive eye area. 

7. The most important step of a skincare routine? Moisturise! This will lock in all the steps you have just completed and keep the skin hydrated. 

8. Last but not least we have suncream. SPF is an extremely important step if you want to stop ageing and it is said we should wear no matter the weather. 


1. First step of the night time routine is to use an oil based cleanser. This breaks down makeup, dirt and oil that will be on your skin from during the day. 

2. Double-cleansing is another important aspect of Korean skincare routines. After using the oil based cleanser it is now time to use a water based cleaner to ensure you have rid the face of all traces of dirt etc. 

3. Twice a week (depending on your skin type) you should exfoliate your skin. This rids the skin of dry and clogged pores leaving a fresh canvas for your skincare routine to work off. 

4. As in the morning routine Tone. 

5. Essence 

6. Ampoule 

7. Serum 

8. It is advised once or twice a week to use a sheet face mask. Sheet masks are a thin sheet which has been soaked in essence/serum. It provides further maximum hydration to the skin, it also allows for brightening and smoothing of the skin. Do not wash your face after this, simply pat the remaining excess and pat into the skin. 

9. Eye Cream

10. Moisturiser 

There you have it, it is a lot more compared to what I do myself but if it works for the Koreans ( have you seen their skin?!) then I definitely think it might be worth it. What do you think ladies, too much effort or right up your street? 

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