Highlight - Liquid or Powder? Which is best?

by Grace Reed on Oct 06, 2017

Highlight - Liquid or Powder? Which is best?


At this point, Highlight is a necessity when applying your makeup, whether it is a natural glow or you are reincarnating the tin man, we all need a bit of highlight to accentuate our best features. Highlighter comes in many different forms and intensities, but which one is best?

That is all down to preference so we have given you some tips below to find out which type will suit you more. 

- Glowing Goddess vs Tin Man; As a rule of thumb, if you are looking for a more natural 'coming from within' highlight you tend to go for a liquid highlight. A liquid highlighter will look the most natural on the skin, it can be applied before AND after foundation but not after powder. A powder highlighter will usually be more intense and will add dimensional highlight to the cheekbones, you also find that powder can last longer and be easily topped up.

- Why not both?; A great tip for a highlight that will last ALL night, your 1 a.m. Mc Donalds and the breakfast roll the next morning is to layer both liquid and powder. So, apply your liquid highlight and then set it with powder. It ain't going to budge.

- Did you know?; Suva Beauty Liquid Chrome Highlighting Drops are revolutionary in that they can be applied on top of liquid AND powder products. Usually, you never apply liquid on top of powder, so once you have set your base makeup you can only apply powder; well not with Suva Beauty, they have changed the game and now you can apply their Liquid Chrome Drops whenever you damn well want. With 6 shades to choose from you can decide if you are glowing from within or want to be seen from space! 


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