Eye Popping Palettes

Eye Popping Palettes

by Lorraine Glover on May 09, 2020

Eye Popping Palettes!

It’s all in the Eyes.

Knowing what colours to make those peepers pop and enhance your eye colour can really make all the difference in your make-up Application.  

The easiest way to find the colour that will compliment your eye colour is getting back to basics and using the colour wheel!

Always remember, Opposites Attract! For Example: Orange Warm tones enhance Blue eyes. 

Blue Eyes: Orange, Peach, Mustards or warm brown tones.

Green Eyes: Reds, Berry and Purple Tones.

Brown Eyes: So universal, you’re so lucky all colours are gorgeous with brown eyes! 

Blue Eye Palettes:

L.A. Girl Cosmetics: Fanatic Nudist Palette The Perfect everyday palette. Perfect combination of mattes and shimmers.

Kokie Cosmetics: Black Pro Palette. A Palette full of gorgeous warm tones and beautiful battery shimmers. 

L.A. Girl Cosmetics: Pro Artistry Palette. A stunning pop of Colour or nude shades in this Palette.

Green Eye Palettes:

L.A. Girl Cosmetics: Fanatic Get Feverish Palette

Kokie Cosmetics: White Pro Palette

L.A. Girl Cosmetics: Pro Mastery Palette

Brown Eye Palettes:

J. Cat Fantasy Dreamland Palette

L.A. Girl Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette

Kokie Peachy Queen Palette

Be sure to prime and prep your eyes with our L.A. Girl Eyeshadow Primer or apply some concealer to your lids. I recommend the J. Cat Staysurance Concealer or L.A. Girl Pro Conceal. A clean light base will intensify the colours. 

To ensure maximum intensity from your shimmers dampen your brush and apply directly to your lid.  

Eyeliners are also a great way to enhance your eye colour. Adding a pop of colour to your waterline can really add to your look. 

Blue Eyes: 

Bronze Kokie Retractable Pencil

Brown L.A. Girl Cosmetics Gel Glide Pencil

Green Eyes:

Purple Kokie Retractable Pencil

L.A. Girl Cosmetics Eyeliner in Paradise Purple

Brown Eyes:

L.A. Girl Aquatic Pencil is stunning on brown eyes.

Neon shockwaves eyeliners green or yellow.

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