The Tan Commandments

The Tan Commandments

by Lorraine Glover on Apr 27, 2020


Would you like to know how to achieve the perfect flawless looking Tan?

Keep reading!

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail!

Prepping your skin is vital to the application and development of your tan. 

Shave and exfoliate 24 hours prior to your application.  Ensure you remove any old Tan and moisturise your skin. 

I recommend the Declaré Bamboo Body Scrub for exfoliation followed by the Declaré Silky Soft Body Cream. Or for proper Luxury, invest in the Anti Wrinkle Caviar Body Butter. 

Dry Body Brushing is also really effective to remove any dead skin or any stubborn tan. 

Only apply a light body lotion to areas such as your knees, elbows and hands right before your application. The Declaré Total Body Care Lotion is ideal as it is lightweight on the skin. 

 Do not have any other products on your skin such as perfume, deodorant or oils as these cause development issues because they contain chemicals that will react with your tan. If you are having eyebrows waxed or tinted ensure this is also done 24 hours prior to your application.  This can cause your skin to turn green! Yes, thats what happened last time. ;)

Choosing your Tan:

From Lotions, Mousse, Rapid or gradual the choices are endless! It really is personal preference. It can be a bit of trial and error to find the perfect tan for you.

The main difference between mousse and lotion is the texture.however I would always recommend a lotion to anyone that suffers with dry skin, or anyone with more sensitive, mature skin. 

A mousse is easier to apply in my opinion and most mousse formulas dry quicker.  

Next you need to choose your shade. There are so many shades that vary from a Gradual Tan, Medium, Dark or Ultra Dark.

Take into consideration the development time of your tan. Each brand is different so be sure to read the times recommended on the bottle. The longer you leave it on the darker your tan!

For your face, I would aim to use a tan specific for your face. As these tend to include kinder ingredients which will not block your pores and cause breakouts! Especially if your skin is sensitive. Loving Tan has a stunning Face Tan!

Apply your Tan with a clean Mitt. But for those trickier areas I highly recommend the Kokie 618 Buffer Foundation Brush. Use this to apply to your hands, feet and your face. 

When tanning don't forget those areas like your ears or behind your ears blended into the back of your neck! 

(If your skin is sensitive, do a patch test 48 hours prior to your application.)

When and Where?

Use a mirror in good lighting and ensure you give yourself enough time to spend on your application, Rushing your tan never works out!

If you have a special event, I would recommend applying 1-2 days prior so you have some time to patch up or rectify any area.

Maintaining your Bronzed and Beautiful tan!

When Rinsing your tan, do not use soap. And be sure to pat dry. Do not rub the skin. Be sure to apply your favourite moisturiser. 

Continue this daily to achieve the best fade off results. Use a mild shower gel. 

If you really want to prolong your tan the best option is to invest in the Gradual Tan from Loving Tan and apply this over your tan to keep the depth of your tan whilst keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. 

If you don’t have all that time to prepare and apply, spontaneous events can happen, then you need to have Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream on stand by. It is gorgeous over your tan or on its own. It leaves your skin flawless. Like Make Up for your Body!

All our tans are packed with Nourishing ingredients that care for your skin. 

They are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free. 

Happy Tanning! :)

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