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Containing everything you need for the ultimate haircare session!


Color Security shampoo:

Great for:

  • Anyone who colors their hair and wants to keep the color fresh, pure and WOW! 
  • Anyone worried about hair loss or thinning hair.  Our “no-residue” formula has no  “stay behind” ingredients that can build up and impede new hair growth.
  • Anyone with extensions. Our shampoo doesn’t  contain silicones or conditioners that loosen glue. 

Color Security conditioner:

  • NO typical conditioning ingredients that can oxidize on the hair, corrupting color and turning it brassy
  • Instantly smooths, detangles, hydrates and silkens color-treated hair using ONLY translucent, non-color-corrupting agents
  • Formulas for fine-to-normal and normal-to thick textures

Raise the root:

  • Long-lasting lift, body and fullness
  • Not stiff, sticky or brittle – keeps hair soft, and aloft!
  • Unique clear polymers won’t yellow or darken color
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair