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Juvena SKIN SPECIALISTS Skinsation Skin Care Kit

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Skinsation Global Anti-Age Cream-Fluid: Based on the SkinNova SC technology exclusive to JUVENA, this pampering cream fluid improves the quality of the skin. It makes skin appear younger by improving the structure of the skin, and helps to reduce signs of skin aging. Mornings and evenings. Like newly created. Intensify the impact by mixing the cream fluid with one of the four concentrates, according to your personal skin feeling, and thus create your very own skin care product.

Daily Shield Concentrate: Helps to combat premature skin aging with an effective protection system, and offers ideal multiple protection from daily stress factors. With UVA + IR protection and immune protection.

Deep Moisture Concentrate: This intensely moisturizing complex refreshes and invigorates your skin. With 24-hr moisturizing effect.

Regenerating Oil Concentrate: For wonderful relaxation and long-lasting regeneration. Delicate oils make your skin feel powdery soft, without weighing it down. Ideal for dry skin. Perfect regeneration as night time skin care.

Immediate Lifting Concentrate: Streamlines and supports tired areas of skin and improves the skin’s elasticity. Wrinkles appear milder, skin appears regular and smooth.

Mix your own facial skin care product.


The use:

Pump the Cream Fluid 2-3 times into the bowl – add 1 pipette of the chosen concentrate – mix with brush – apply to face and neck.