Add On Beauty Vegan Nutrition Dry Mask

€2.00 €18.00

Add On Beauty is a Unique and Innovative Patented Technology. A Dry Touch Mask with a Soft Texture. 


The Vectoring Technology in the Dry Sheet Mask allows unprecedented concentration of active ingredients to travel into the skin. 


Add On Beauty Dry Masks can be used on their own or with your regular skincare products. It multiplies the effectiveness of any other combined product by 2.5 times!

 These revolutionary Dry Beauty Mask can be reused up to 4 times!

The Vegan Nutrition Dry Beauty Mask offers the skin a plumping and antioxidant effect for all skin types, even the most weakened. It targets tired, damaged and very dry skin, mature skin and skin marked from acne, irritation, burns or post-surgical lesions.

The Vegan Nutrition Dry Beauty Mask deeply nourishes, plumps, regenerates and reveals a renewed skin. With 94% Active Ingredients your skin will be more hydrated, look healthier and feel nourished. 

Active Ingredients include white hibiscus and baobab fruit extracts, grape seed oil, passion fruit oil and shea butter.

Fragrance Free and made without Preservatives, GMO, Parabens, Allergens and Phenoxyethanol.